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Solar Cooking & Baking: The temperature we need
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The temperature we need

First some basic data(from a mail to Megan):

  • The work cooking/baking temperature we need. The word "Baking" is meaningful, as it stands for higher temperatures, I expect around 200 degrees Celcius. I have a simple electronic temp gauge to check that out in practice. We need the contact temperature, as tortillas are put on the hot cast iron plate. 200 degrees for cooking in an over is pretty hot, so let's assume 200 degrees temp for the heat sink will do.
  • We need to find out the theoretical and practical heat capacity for preparing food and hot water for laundry (?). Depends on the way people handle ovens. Similar as energy needed for a fridge, a similar heat sink for household use. We can also formulate tasks for student research that can be done by the universities you named.
  • What is the actual energy available from the sun per squaire meter? Over the course of the day at the level we need to heat the heat pipe? Next to the input, there is the loss to be considered: Over the mirror, over reflection from the pipe to be heated. Heat loss over the radiation of the transfer tubes in relatoin to the acceptable cost of insulating them.

Solar Cooking & Baking: The temperature we need
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