Info on rope pumps to be found at below URL's
Research done by Chintu Hendriks, nov 2007
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NGO's that initiate practical application

Institutes that publish development info

Single user reports

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Alternative water pumping systems

  • WHO, World Health Organization, extensive and systematic description of function and application of most water pumping systems:
  • AOV International is a leading manufacturer of community deep/shallow well water hand pumps. Their pumps conform to the required relevant national and International standards. They are an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company
  • Treadle Pumps
    • Simple design for convenient installation, usage and transportation from one site to another.
    • Suitable for irrigation of up to 0.5 hectares of land.
    • Easy foot-operated suction pump, comfortable stepping motion with minimum effort.
    • Fully Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Body, piston cups/seals of nitrile rubber, treadles and baseboard of good quality painted wood.
    • High capacity pumping with 2 cylinders for continuous flow of water from ground level to depths upto 7 meters.
    • Capable of pumping from 5000 litres of water per hour.

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