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Communicating Demotech Communicating Demotech What Demotech is about needs to be communicated to a wider public. Suggestions for PR as presented here need to be workded on.
Constructing the Demotech website Constructing the Demotech website Considerations and toolbox for working on this website. Support remote cooperation in contributing and editing for this website possible
Democracy Sustaining Technology Democracy Sustaining Technology Redesign technology to become a mayor tool and method to enhance Democracy offering equal opportunities to all.
Dutch Demotech Publications Dutch Demotech Publications Demotech's papers, originally written in the Dutch language are collected and made accessible from this page. When also available in English this is indicated.
Fast Learning Fast Learning To achieve Sustainability in time, that is before utter dispair in poverty and utter disinterest from wealthy consumers turns this worls into a radical facist 1984-like culture, we have to learn to LEARN FAST.
Gender & Appropriate Technology Gender & Appropriate Technology Technology can only be called "Appropriate", if it is appropriate for women. Design should be directed at women's empowerment.
Home Work Home Work Change homework from low wage left-over bits industrial work into a sustainable and self-reliant effective mode of production, Do so by offering Open Source production info. Where needed: offer tool sets and training.
Initial Designs Initial Designs First ideas on a new design initiative should be well written down. They are like dreams, very easely forgotten!
Learning from Poverty Learning from Poverty Deep Poverty indicates the failure of modern ecomomy as well as how modern economy can be organized in a sustainable and more satisfying way.
More Joy Per Person More Joy Per Person What type of target should Demotech's design iniatives serve? In a wide choice of ideologies available, Demotech creates a new one: We go for 'More Joy Per Person'.
Open Source design Open Source design Overtake environmental decline by environmental improvement by the intens collaboration on Internet of dedicated people in the re-design of technologies.
Peace Studies Peace Studies Appropriate Technology is regarded by many in the field of Peace or Conflict studies regarded as a valuable tool. This page links such studies to Demotech design initiatives and theory.
Publications by Demotech Publications by Demotech A list with summaries gifs access to publications and reports written by Demotech on its targets and design initiatives. Marked with (NL) if written in the Dutch language.
Relevant publications by others Relevant publications by others Publications that relate to Demotech initiatives or targets are made available here. Marked with (NL) are publications in the Dutch language.
SCOT in Action SCOT in Action The perspective of SCOT is that technological change is not a simple matter of good inventions but emerge because of social needs. A SCOT analysis explains success and failure of technological artifacts by means of social factors.
Shared Innovation Shared Innovation To speed up innovation on behalf of sustainability, innovation should be a shared effort, because of the fun of it, the effectiveness of it if done well and the comfort of lack of intellectual ownership. But how to promote it?
Sustainability Now! Sustainability Now! Sustainability is a prerogrative for future economic and thereby social stability. Demotech design initiatives show how full sustainability for many products can be achieved.

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