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Bench for sitting and working Bench for sitting and working High stool, also useful as work bench, light to carry, its manufacture with staples teaches how to make lightweight constructions.
Better Roofs Better Roofs A roof construction should result in quality regarding all aspects of comfort as insulation against heat and cold, protect against fire, be durablility, offer cost in relation to local income and suitability for local manufacture
Butterfly Chair Butterfly Chair Butterfly chair, real sitting comfort, foldable, locally to be produced and made generally available. Should replace the commonly used replica of Western bourgeois seats.
Green Walls Green Walls Urban cultivating vegetables, flowers, fodder on trays that hang from the outside walls of one's house, Up to 8 m2 irrigated area automatically watered with waste water.
Hy2U for washing hands Hy2U for washing hands Washing hands made posssible where there is no piped water: at short notice, at little cost while using extremely little water.
HyBoX HyBoX Most schools in Ethiopia and many other counties have no good facility for washing hands at their latrines. Impairing health, it leads to diharrea and sickness. The HyBox offers three Hy2U's for washing hands in a sturdy tamper-free box.
Kitchen unit for slum areas Kitchen unit for slum areas Compact kitchen unit offers the usual kitchen functions, a comfortable working position, a facility for washing clothes and an insulated box to keep hot pans warm.
Plug box Plug box A safe provision for electric wiring and plugsboxes, to compensate for lacking or faulty electric wiring. It can be taken along when moving to another location.
SlumHouse SlumHouse The here listed Demotech's design initiatives aim at more comfort and better living in the poorest quarters of urban areas.
Stool with storage space Stool with storage space For use in a cramped space these stools can be stacked on top of each other against the wall. They have storage space within its three panels and roll-off top.
Sustainable housing and living Sustainable housing and living Study on family size, standardized urban housing, built by its future users. Good use of sub-terrain and roof area. Innovative construction with clay and wood.
Table with storage space Table with storage space Sturdy table, also for use as workbench, detachable, constructed without nails, with storage space accessible from the top, closed by a flexible cover.
Traveling chest Traveling chest A sturdy, yet lightweight box to carry along vulnerable belongings as laptops and video equipment. Its lids offer easy access and also a comfortable seat.
WallRack WallRack Wall rack, creating storage area in conditions as found in urban slums, to be manufactured by people without need for tools and without cost for materials.
Waste Plastic Roof Tiles Waste Plastic Roof Tiles Roof tiles that offer dubbel layer insolation from squized together plastic waste, produced with equipment affordable for people with lowest income.

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