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For use in a cramped space these stools can be stacked on top of each other against the wall. They have storage space within its three panels and roll-off top.

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Stool with storage space
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A stool assembled out of three indentical panels, a bottom plate and a flexible top, something can be stored underneath. With three legs it stands stable on an uneven underground. The panels can be produced at home and assembled at the point of sale or by the buyer.

A seat from 3 equal panels, a bottom and a hinged lid, locking a storage area. Provisions have been made that stools can be stacked one upon the other. The panels are interconnected with hinges and are folded together at the time of selling and connected permanently.

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Planned progress
Build more stools, now with the use of the stapler. Also gain experience with the top, that is assambled from battens tied together with rubber strips. Ensure that the top can not shift of the base.

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    by Hans Baarslag - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    stool with storage space
    Stool with storage space will may be misunderstood by english people. I think you mean chair with storage space.Is it possible to fold the chair when empty?Or is it possible to lock the storage space? Hans

    by Reinder / Demotech - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    Re: stool with storage space
    >Is it possible to fold the chair? Yes, when a producer takes a number of stools to a vendor, one connection between the three vertical panels is left undone. In this way the stools can be stored flat, take little space during transport and are better protected against damage. After delivery the vendor has to make the last connection.
    After participating in the producing of these stools in The Gambia, I took
  • stools in a flat package with me on the plane back home. At our workshop in Maastricht you can enjoy them. People there gave them a beautiful coloring!
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