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Sturdy table, also for use as workbench, detachable, constructed without nails, with storage space accessible from the top, closed by a flexible cover.

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Table with storage space
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It is practical for tables and desks to have good and acceble storage space below the table top.

A storage space is situated below the centre of the worktop. This is made practical by a closure composed of a slatted structure which can be rolled up. The storage space utilises the space not used as knee-room.

Planned progress
Next step in design should be the use of thinner wooden board, while increasing the stiffness of the table. It should be practical for daily use by a carpenter.

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    by Hans Baarslag - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    tafel met berging
    I would call the table with storage space in Dutch DHZ tafel met berging. Deze tafel is toch goed zelf te maken met hergebruikt materiaal? Wij zouden de tafel kunnen maken voor mensen met weinig tijd en meer geld.

    by Reinder / Demotech - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    Re: tafel met berging
    > This table can well be made from re-used wood, as a DIY model. Our firm HAMAR could well produce for people with little time and plenty money. Please go ahead with this plan! Many people see it as an intriguing design item and as such may be willing to pay a lot for it. However the table was designed as a table nice to work at in a standing position. If you want people to sit at it, consider to produce the Stool with Storage space or the Bench for sitting and working.

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