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Butterfly chair, real sitting comfort, foldable, locally to be produced and made generally available. Should replace the commonly used replica of Western bourgeois seats.

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Butterfly Chair
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Prototype Fivefold reduction of cost Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Comfort Income Rural as well as urban.

Sitting in real comfort, many easy chairs offer that. If asked for a chair that is compactly foldable and of which the cover does not stick to your skin in tropical conditions, then only a hammock copes with it. But so does the butterfly chair, now popular for camping. Because of it superb sitting quality it also should become available in conditions of poverty.

The butterfly chair as for sale now, is constructed with light metal tubes and flexible interconnections. Bamboo can replace the metal tubes; rubber can be used for the flexible connections. A properly shaped seat made from cloth or leather offers the same excellent comfort as its commercial example. One can sit in it in comfort in many different ways.

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