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A safe provision for electric wiring and plugsboxes, to compensate for lacking or faulty electric wiring. It can be taken along when moving to another location.

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Plug box
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When rented rooms or houses do not have or have sub-standard electricity-infrastructure, a central plug box can be directly connected to the grid. Its housing can prevent that unsafe electrical parts can be touched. It may contain the pre-cirquit for floresent tubes.


The electric-connections box contains the desired number of sockets and switches, 2nd hand and damaged if need arises. Starter-coils for TL?s can be built in. The cover allows sufficient shielding for kids.The cable is protected from pulling-forces and can be wound around the housing.

Top picture scheme of general use: floresent tubes, electric ironing.
Middle picture: As in use in the Demotech workshop.
Bottom picture: Normal unsafe situation as found in a house in Honduras

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