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Wall rack, creating storage area in conditions as found in urban slums, to be manufactured by people without need for tools and without cost for materials.

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Introduced at users level Twentyfold cost reduction Applicable within poverty Comfort Income Rural as well as urban.

Storage space, clear from the ground to be structured at will, for storing and arranging small stuff of people living and working in slums. To be manufactured by new migrants to urban slums to sell to those just settled and in need of storage space.

A WallRack is constructed from modules, that can be mounted under and next to each other. mend for storing small stuff in houses, workshops and shops. The cupboards are inserted into hangers, attached to roof beams. Thin sticks and steel wire cut from car tires can be obtained for free.

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Improvement on a detail

An effective adjustment to conditions in real life came only after many years of troublesome use.

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