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Roof tiles that offer dubbel layer insolation from squized together plastic waste, produced with equipment affordable for people with lowest income.

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Waste Plastic Roof Tiles
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Prototype Twentyfold cost reduction Applicable within poverty Comfort Income Rural as well as urban.

All people deserve a decent roof over their heads. The roof is the most expensive element in the building process of a slum dwelling. So we aim to come up with a cheap but durable roofing solution. With this process we want to provide job opportunities, a cleaner environment and durable end producs.

We explore the possibilities of moulding and pressing plastic waste into 1 mm thick sheets, and see if we can combine two elements into 1 stiff end product, that can be used as roofing tiles. We aim for those waste plastics that currently have no recycling value and are overlooked as being useful, for whatever reason.

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by Sami Noureddine - Fri Dec 02 (2005)
Plastic roof tiles feasibility
While I am studying the feasibility of starting a small buisiness in homes construction using using a new techniques in the sence of using all the available economical building materials for all parts of the house specially roof, wall and foor tiles. I studied the clay, concrete and wooden tile manufacturing in my business rather than purchasing these tiles from the market, where I can save more then 50% if I manufacture then even with manual or small automatic tile machines. The plastic type of tiles was not in my study until I read about it in this web site. Here in Saudi Arabia where I live we have several recycling factories process the waste plastic into rectangular bars used for different purposes but not in the traditional roof tile inustry. I believe this project may be very feasible and economical in different ways specially the environment. I ready to discuss this project with any body who likes start such business commercially. Sami Noureddine P.O Box 667 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia E-Mail:

by Sibongile Habedi - Tue Dec 06 (2005)
Re: Plastic roof tiles feasibility
I am based in South Africa and recently Visited the United Nations offices in Vienna, where I heard about the projects of Roof tile Manufacturing, using plastic. I am interested in starting this kind if a project and decided to get more information from people who are already in the business. I would like to know how far you are with your feasibility study, and whether you would like to collaborate with other people in the same field. You can respond to me on the same address or you can respond to my personal

by Khairuzzaman Bhuiyan - Wed Dec 02 (2009)
Re: Plastic roof tiles feasibility
Dear We are manufacture the handmade terracotta clay roof and floor tiles in Bangladesh. We export these tiles in Europe and USA. We are now interest to product plastic floor/roof tiles to use the wastage tires/wastage plastic
Can you give us an advice recycling factories process the waste plastic and any feasibility report and who provide the machine. Thanking you Khairuzzaman Bhuiyan (

by - Tue Dec 06 (2005)
plastic roof tiles
I have been looking into this project also and think a plastic roof tile base on recycled waste plastic is feasible. I am based in Malawi, and please let me know on more information out there. I have found preliminary information on a company in the Ukraine at However, I have found little else. Please me if there is any more information out there. Thanks you, Wesley Kasamale

by Reinder / Demotech - Tue Dec 06 (2005)
Re: plastic roof tiles
Thanks for your posting, I'll answer more elaborate soon. Yours, Reinder
>.... please let me know on more information out there.
>I have found preliminary information on a company in the Ukraine at
> > Thanks you,
> Wesley Kasamale

by Norky - Fri Dec 09 (2005)
Who have the business?
I have been looking for Roof tile manufacturers in Europe, but I have not found......anything.... Somebody could tell me something? Thank a lot!!!

by Reinder van Tijen - Fri Dec 09 (2005)
Re: Who have the business?
Roof tile industries in the Netherlands have a central promotion office with this URL: These Dutch industies for sure know how to make rooftiles, hope this helps. Regards, Reinder van Tijen

by Henry Alard - Fri Dec 09 (2005)
Plastic Roof Tile
I have read all the posting on this site and I am very interested in hearing from all of you regarding your findings and/or development with a plastic roof tile. I currently have a plastic Interlocking Spanish ?S
Tile that is terracotta color and looks identical to a clay tile. Perhaps there is an opportunity to work together on this project

by Reinder van Tijen - Fri Dec 09 (2005)
Re: Plastic Roof Tile
Dear Henry, Yes, you are invited to join this development of a proper roof tile
Proper means: - a roof tile that is more functional than just a cover from the rain. It has to have properties such as need for less supporting structure, It should insulate against heat, it should not introduce fire or smoke hazards beyond a safe level. - recycling of waste plastic, where the waste plastic is generated or already abundant - manufacture of the tiles close to the client, preferably in the context of a small workshop. - making good money for the entrepreneur in the following way: the entrepreneur develops the tool set and the most efficient way of making tiles, then goes out to local producers that lease or buy this tool set and makes sure this local producer is trained in all aspects of production as well as application of the roof tiles. Being the adviser, the broker, the person that solves the unique rather then the repetitive problems is more rewarding, also economically then being just a mono-procuct producer and seller. I'll forward this message to a person working in Sri Lanka on this project. Hopefully he has more ideas to share. Thanking for your inquiry and looking forward to your ideas and reply, Reinder Regards, Reinder

by Nwafor Obinna, - Mon Oct 31 (2005)
Re: Plastic Roof Tiles
I am a Nigerian and have beeen working towards producing plastic roof locally ever since I saw the world Challage programme on The BBC I am a little surpried that lots of people are interested in the tiles. So far I believe the process involves mechanical recycling of The plastic wastes, and subsentmixing of clor pigments, Granulation and then Moulding using an extursion method. I believe the normal moulding process for flat plastic products can be adapted. The major difficlty I see is in the recycling
How can one successfully clean out the pastic waste form dumps as well as sort them by type and color. The plastic wastes I am l;ooking at utilizing are not clean from factroy waste, rathe they are mostly shopping bags removed from waste dumps. The othe problem is how to achieve the necessary UV resistance and other desired properties with a product that is a mixture of all sorts of plastics. Please Any one who\'s got any ideas should let me know. I would also want to co operate with you


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by Robert Tyldesley - Tue Nov 01 (2005)
Plastic Roof Tiles
By Robert Tyldesley Re: Resin Bonded Rooftiles. Our company Britanica builds the machinery for the manufacture of rooftiles from waste plastic and sand. Our factory and the process we have developed in Ukraine was featured on the BBC World Challenge programme broadcast in 2005/6. There has been a considerable interest from many countries and recently we have sold equipment for applications in Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia. Information about the process can be seen at I will be happy to respond to e-mail sent to < robert@britanica. biz >

by bela_regos - Sat Dec 09 (2006)
roof tiles
The proven method is about this: 1. granulate plastic waste 2. extrude so called 'elephant dungs' from that /no separation of different materials is necessary/ 3. granulate the ugly looking product again 4. mix with 40% sand and colorants 5. reheat and press in a mould

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