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The Demotech Lab: How to get to the Demotech Lab by car
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How to get to the Demotech Lab by car

Coming by car from the North (Eindhoven or Antwerpen) or from the South (Luik, Liege) on the A2

  • Follow the A2 from the South (Liege) or from the North (Eindhoven) the signs MAASTRICHT, A2 direction North or South.
  • Coming from the North (Eindhoven, Antwerpen) then at the first traffic lights after city name board 'MAASTRICHT', select the far right traffic lane, turn right.
  • Coming from the South (Liege), follow the A2 to the last crossing with traffic lights, still in the city of Maastricht, select the left-side traffic lane, then turn left, direction Hasselt.
  • Go straight, pass two traffic lights, when just over the river MAAS go slow and get off at the first exit, direction HASSELT.
  • A tight turn ending in front of traffic lights at a T-junction, there turn right.
  • Go straight, after 100 meters another traffic light, another 400 meters again a traffic light, turn left.
  • Follow this road. At your left and right hand side you see a small harbor with yachts (called 'Het Bassin'). After 300 meters, the road turns right 300 meters from the last traffic light, at that spot at your left hand you see a factory building, next to it a house of which the windows are filled with paintings on bricks. Then, next to this house you'll see a big factory building 'Landbouwbelang'.
  • This is where you have to be, but you have to drive on and make a U-turn because of traffic guides.
  • Select the right traffic lane at the next traffic lights, go straight, avoid to enter the tunnel, follow the road (100 m) when it makes a U-turn, continue until you arrive again at the factory building 'Landbouwbelang' with huge metal dragons at the entrance of the yard.
  • Stop in front of the rope, take it off, drive on and park your car in front of the building, place back the rope.
  • Clim up the 2d steel platform and ring the doorbell: the switch in a large metal switch box, at the right hand side of this door.

    The Demotech Lab: How to get to the Demotech Lab by car
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