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Bathroom with toilet: Sanitation in practice, experiences from a field worker
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Sanitation in practice, experiences from a field worker

  • The best working toilet is the banana-toilet. Dig a hole where you want to have the new bananatree growing close to your house and build a mobile toilet hut over that hole. Use that place up to it is manured sufficiently to grow your banana for several years.
    Change to another hole. Banana does not touch the ground and needs quite a lot.
  • In Nepal we had an compost toilet and an unit of several toilets connected to a bio gas installation. All people were hindu and nobody wanted to clean the compost out. Human waste you?are not allowed to be?touched. It was finally done by a christian. Like?cows and other female animals?were slaughtered by moslem butchers.
  • Best way to find out cultural tabu's is to analyze with the people what are the customs in different tribes.
    To shit in the forest where active soil life keeps the forest clean., or to shit along the river that is cleaned up every rain shower.(nepal)
    Or to shit among the dogs and pigs that eat human wastes and keep the area clean.(widely used in africa and south america)
    Toilets generally where dirty, stinky and dangerous places. In the pit hole we had in Peru we throwed dry yeast get rid of the smell.
    In Colombia near a school they were very lucky with the composttoilets with toilets 1 meter above groundlevel.
    Every day the production was covered with sand and sawdust and after weeks used in the orchard.

    Bathroom with toilet: Sanitation in practice, experiences from a field worker
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