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The Demotech Lab: How to get to the Demotech Lab by train
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How to get to the Demotech Lab by train

Arrive by train from the North (Amsterdam, Eindhoven) or arrive by train from the South (Luik)
Decide to take a cab, take a bus or walk.
A cab is practical when you have heavy luggage. The three minutes ride will cost about 10 Euros The bus stop closest to the Lab in the Landbouwbelang is Maasboulevard. From there it is a 4 minutes walk, direction North along the Maasboulevard.
Walking will take you about 15 minutes.

  • Leave the railway station at its main exit, you will find but stops in front and at your right hand side, turn left.
  • Follow this road for about 400 meters and turn the first lane left.This is the lane along which busses drive to the station.
  • Follow this road for about 200 meters. You arrive at a crossing with a main road. At your right hand side there is a cinema. Here turn right and follow the left curve in the road up to the bridge,
  • Cross the bridge over the river Maas. All traffic is directed to turn right, you too turn right and walk down the slope. At your right hand side are the two world famous floating weet shops attracting many young foreigners. Just walk on. Next pass a modern white office building, also at your right hand side.
  • Then you see an old tall factory building with the name on it in big letters: Landbouwbelang. It is guarded by huge rusty dragons. Pass the rope and walk up the yard to the first metal platform. Climb it and ring the bell!

    The Demotech Lab: How to get to the Demotech Lab by train
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