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On this page you can find an explanation on the construction of some of our designs. We're currently in the process of constructing and digitalizing more of our manuals. If you do not encounter the information you are searching for please contact us.

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Hy2U Beauty Contest Water Bags

Niceness is the central theme in the Hy2U-Campaign. That seems contradictory: Hy2U is SMS-language for Hygiene to you. This is why: the campaign looks for positive inputs, therefore 'Niceness'. We advocate a thing that is used many times daily for comfort (and yes, also for the sake of hygiene), so it is close by, often made available at a prominent place, be it at home or at school. So the 'thing' should first of all look nice, better beautiful.
Also, more often then not, you know the person who made it so nice well enough. In this case to select the maker of the most beautiful water bag was easy: Hanneke Pijpers made them all!

Blue with golden flowers

Shiny blue with ligher blue figures

LIghter and darker brown shapes

Whitish with vertical brown-yellow stripes

Happy orange flowers with bigger sun flower in the middle

Mostly orange fruit like shapes on a blue background

Vague blue with child's toddle toy and red seams

Same vague blue with child's toddle toy and red seams, seen from the front

Brown flowery figures on yellow background

Goldish with a little mirror and finely decorated side strips