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On this page you can find an explanation on the construction of some of our designs. We're currently in the process of constructing and digitalizing more of our manuals. If you do not encounter the information you are searching for please contact us.

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The Hy2U-campaign index page

Washing your hands, Hy(gene)-2-You, the niceness of it and the underlying importance for health made Demotech launch the Hy2U-campaign for hand washing. This campaign walks on tho legs: one is the design for no-cost and no-touch hand washing where there is no piped water. The other leg is a peer to peer spread of the introduction and the use of the Hy2U.
Main source of information on the Hy2U is its website. More this index page.

  • The Hy2U-Story
  • Hy2U Beauty Contest for Water Bags
  • Demotech and the Workforce swarming the Stockholm World Water Week Conference
  • Hy2U-construction manuals

    Construction manuals for making the different parts of the Hy2U will be published here. All these manuals can be printed out and displayed as "Manual on a String'.
    How to hang the Hy2U from a pin in the wall

    How to make the cloth bag and how to make it look nice

    How I make the wooden parts
    This chapter of the manual is about how to make the main wooden parts of the Hy2U valve unit.
    How to make the self-closing valve and install it

    How to make the plastic waste water container

    How to attach the thin plastic bag to the board with the valve

    How to do the mainenance and make it perform well