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What Demotech is about needs to be communicated to a wider public. Suggestions for PR as presented here need to be workded on.

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Communicating Demotech
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Introduced at users level Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service To be used in a modern economy Education Environment Rural as well as urban.

Demotech's ideas need to be communicated more clearly to a wider public. It also needs more people to assist in the running of Demotech and financial support.

Volunteers are needed to work on various design projects and to raise funds. The list below outlines some of the possible ways to maximise Demotech's potential. If you are interested in working on any of these proposals or have an idea of your own, Demotech would be very grateful for your assistance.

Planned progress

Suggestions for Communicating Demotech have to be handed out to people offering assistance in the field of PR. Each suggestion can be worked out by a student during an internship or otherwise. The list below is created in interaction with Leonora Oppenheim and Petz Scholtus or a Britisch design school during their internship summer 2003.
Comments can be addes to each of the below subjects.

Internal links

Design poster to advertise website in Internet cafes in developing countries

Hand out useful products with web address printed on

Hand out useful products with web address printed on ? objects should be eco-friendly, therefore product should be carefully considered. e.g. Stickers, food wrappings, matches, pens/pencils, notepads...

Find sponsors to help fund production of these object

Present Demotech to Sponsors, Manufacturers, NGO?s, at fairs

Present Demotech to Sponsors, Manufacturers, NGO?s, at fairs... e.g. powerpoint presentation on CD-Rom to hand out. (credit card format

Design instruction manual to send to individuals in communities

Design instruction manual to send to individuals in communities. e.g. nightreader project

Present all projects as intruction manuals

Make system to present all projects as intruction manuals and to make them collectible, book/catalogue.

Monthly publication in a relevant magazine

Demotech design intiatives or news items could be published as a series once a month in relevant magazine to collect

Publish ?Appropriate for Women?

To raise funds: publish ?Appropriate for Women? document into smart design book

Contacts with o2 sustainable design network

Contact o2 sustainable design network for help and advice

Organise workshops at Demotech in Dieren

Organise workshops at Demotech in Dieren

Organise public exhibitions of Demotech?s work

Organise public exhibitions of Demotech?s work to date: models, drawings, photographs, movie. (Demotech movie from Dutch tv needs subtitle

A traveler from the U.S. about Maastricht and Demotech

An American tells about his traveling by train and his visit to Maastricht and Demotech

External Links

Links related to Communicating Demotech

  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
    The true impact of the collective work taking place in the nonprofit sector is under-valued by those both within and outside the sector due to an absence of appropriate metrics by which value creation may be tracked, calculated and attributed to the philanthropic and public "investments" financing those impacts.
  • Greener Printing
    This may help for greener commercial printing ... a few links from the SRD in Australia. A great place to get up to date on the main suggestions such as ...
    "Wherever possible, select an uncoated paper as first preference :
    CTP (computer to plate) processes avoids film and uses less chemicals. Ask about New "No Process" plates :
    Water based varnishes are likely to be safer than petro-chemical based. Request inks with low toxicity and vege based inks that have minimal VOC's (volatile organic compounds). For short run printing some digital printers may be the better option whilst for runs over 1,000 the waterless offset print method appears to have several advantages including not being solvent based, prints cleaner colours and superior results especially on uncoated stocks. Always check these details with your graphic designer and printer. Print paper name, enviro qualities and print specs. on each job ..."

    Greener Print Procurement guide (draft)
    Green Vision - graphic design and print tips
    also from the WPA ... Find a Waterless Printer
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