Reorganize Demotech info
Demotech publications should urgently be reviewed as a whole. Info on the targets and results of Demotech work is too dispersed and often overlapping. Best would be if all the writing done up to now would be brought together in a few publications. These publications should contain roughly the same information, but be directed at different kind of readers, think of:

  • Readers with a general interest. This publication should be short, well illustrated and much attention should be spend on the layout.
  • Readers with a practical interest. This publication aims at the technical interest of direct potential users of Demotech designs, i.e. the Rope Pump.
  • Readers with a general political interest. This publication should highlight the political implication of the Demotech ideas together with the practical impact of the present results of practical implication. Some visionary descriptions of how general application of Open Source design -such as Demotech promotes- may help proper understanding.
  • Readers with an interest in the sociological implications of the Demotech approach. Here Demotech info should be linked to the structure of thought of authors as Wiebe Bijker and Steve Weber.

General set-up of all publications
To be able to keep track of the lining out of info in above directories, it would help if the general structure of these publication would be the same. There could be a clear divide between a general target, hypothesis or assumption and the practical results results achieved up to now, positive as well as negative. Links to relevant publications of others should be ample.

Technical presentation
To minimize work above publications should be as much as possible identical whether published on Internet, on a CD, on a PowerPoint presentation or on paper.

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