Conceptual Approach / Experiments

We have made a design of an manure collecting vehicle. This vehicle should help the entrepeneur(s) with the manure collecting proces. With this vehicle the manure can be collected seperately by discharging the manure seperating bathroomboxes in the vehicle. The vehicle should carry one 200 liter vessel for urine and one (custom made)100 liter vessel for feces (Oil drums are suited because they are cheap and easy to find in nearly all countries). The vehicle should be managed by 1 person. Another important note is that the collection of the manure has to be no-touch so an emptying system for the BathroomBoxes had to be designed.

Important demandings for designing a vehicle for slum areas are:

  • narrow streets and corners (the vehicle can't be very long and width)
  • harsh conditions (the vehicle must be solid)

Read our report about our concept car:

Conceptual Approach / Experiments

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