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Forneyt energy or Deatech

Some explanation about the compost toilet they made, and how they treat the waste. Also some usefull information about the total amount of excreta that one human produces and the compounds of the excreta
->See here the notes about human manure production that we made from the Deatech website.

ecosan information page

Contains information about the advantages of ecological sanitation.
See here our notes about this page considering human manure production.

1st international symposium on ecological sanitation (Closing the loop)

A report about ecological sanitation and the possibilities it has to solve problems in poor countries.
Contains very detailed information about all parts of ecological sanitation.
See here the notes that we made from the symposium, considering human manure production.

The Humanure Handbook (html) as pdf

The complete book about using human manure.

2003 dry toilet conference Tampere, Finland

Page that contains information about the 2003 dry toilet conference in Tampere, Finland.
See here our notes about this page, considering human manure production.

Literature Research / Hits

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