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Grappling with the burden of expanding slums in Nairobi (key words: slums, statistics)

Article about Kibera, part of the capital Nairobi, that describes the big problems caused by poor drainage and sanitation systems.
See here our notes from the article considering the people density in Kibera.

The tricky statistics of toilet ratios. (key words: slums, people, density)

Report about the shortage of decent sanitation in slums. Including some statistical information about the local person to toilet ratio.

Slums: The Magnitude of the Problem (key words: slums, people, density)

Website that contains demographic information about slums in Bombay.

Delhi Slums - the reality (key words: slums, people, density)

Information about problems in Delhi, India, that are caused by the massive swell of people from rural to urban areas.
See here the notes considering people density that we made about this page.

Kampala district profile (key words: slums, people, density)

Report about Kampala, the capital of Uganda, with some usefull statistic information (not specially about slums, but still interesting).

Literature Research / Hits

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