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Grappling with the burden of expanding slums in Nairobi (key words: slums, statistics)

Kibera is said to be Africa's largest slum. "It has 3,000 persons per hectare; I do not see any other place in the world that has such a density," Alioune Badiane, the director of the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) regional office for Africa and the Arab States, situated in Nairobi, told IRIN.

But Kibera is just one of Nairobi's 199 slums. More than 1.6 million (of the city's estimated population of 3.5 million people) lived in these slums, James Mwangi, a Nairobi City Council planner, told IRIN. The slums were also sometimes referred to as "informal settlements", he said.

Slums: The Magnitude of the Problem (key words: slums, people, density)

Recent estimates claim that about 40% of the city's population live in 3.5% of its area. The population density in these enclaves then come out to be 400,000 persons per square kilometer! On the other hand, the 1991 census calculates a density of 16,400 persons per square kilometer in the slums of Bombay.

Delhi Slums - the reality (key words: slums, people, density)

The average population density in a shanty town is 300,000 people per square kilometre many slums have no latrine facilities where latrines are provided, the average is 1 latrine per 27 households ....and more facts and numbers

Literature Research / Notes

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