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Philippines pilot project

Information about the Center for advanced Philippine studies (CAPS) who set up an Integrated sustainable Waste management program in Tingloy Island, Batangas.

Technion, Israel institute of technology: Bioregenerative farm system

Information about a bioregenerative farm research done by Technion, Israel. It contains a lot of usefull information concerning the seize of algal ponds, different kinds of algae used in ponds, etc.

RIRDC Research on treating piggery waste with algal ponds

Paper that contains information about a pilot project, concerning the treatment of piggery waste by algal ponds, done by RIRDC, Australia. The paper contains usefull information about the amount of nutrients in the incoming wastewater (A lot of figures and graphs).

EET Project

This pdf-paper, based on Dutch multi-disciplined research by EET, describes how the economically feasible production of algae result in biomass that can be used for generating energy as well as for extracting pigments for coloring. Contains some detailed information about algal species used in ponds.

Literature Research

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