On the roof of a house boat in Olburgen, near Arnhem, the second experiment is done. The following constructive elements differ from earlier experiments or prototypes;

  • On behalf of the limited space on the rooftop a special construction had to be made to hoist and lower the VerticalPole, to be able to mount and dismount the WindFollower.
  • The WindRotor was modeled according to the constructive setup of the Chinese lantern. All identical segments are flexibe attached along the hub. They can either be folded as a flat package for storage or folded open to shape the rotor.
  • Sails can be attached to two or more of the segments of the rotor.

First findings
The bamboo sticks as used where to old and cracked to give more than an impression of what could be achieved. Peter Broekmeulen and Reinder van Tijen concluded that materials as used for the VerticalPole and the WindFollower should be much stronger. On the other hand the WindRotor might be lighter in weight and for that reason constructed differently.

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